FAQ - Photo To Canvas

Frequently asked questions.

View our detailed guide below to see a breakdown of how much our canvas and paper prints cost per-inch.

How do I need to prep my files for print?

You don’t. Most labs print what you submit, expecting you to do the prep work. I realize that most users don’t have the skills or software to properly enlarge for the best results. I go over every photo and use several professional enlarging programs to get the best results. If you are a professional and wish to prep, please send files at 300ppi, resized to the print dimensions, and in the Adobe RGB color space.

How large can I blow my photo up?

Larger than you would think. Using top enlargement techniques even phone capture can be enlarged to several feet wide or tall. This of course is dependent on the photo, but if you have an original copy, we can usually go as large as you would like. Please keep in mind as print size increases, so does viewing distance. A 4’x6’ print may not look as sharp as you would like from a foot away, but it shouldn’t be viewed that close. From 4 to 5 feet away it will look great. Click here to learn more about enlarging photos.

What canvas/paper do you use?

I print on Breathing Color papers and canvases. With the exception of the fine art cotton paper, which is Moab Entrada Bright. The Moab has a 100+ year archival rating. The other papers are standard photo paper, rated at 15 years. Canvas is pre-laminated, meaning I don’t apply a varnish after. Its rated at 35+ years.

What printers/ink to you use?

I use Canon large format printers with pigment based, 12 color, Lucia Ink systems.

Do you adjust colors or color correct?

With todays industry using so many filters on photos, I typically do not alter colors unless it is requested. I am happy to free of charge by request. I will properly adjust white balance if requested, but will not generally do any artistic adjustments.

Why is my print so dark?

Please realize when you are looking at a photo on your screen, it is backlit. A print is not. I always recommend viewing your photos with your monitor set to about 50 percent brightness for a better idea of how dark your print will come out.

Do you have a storefront? If not how do I drop stuff off and pick prints up?

I do now have a storefront. My location is 4784 N Lombard St Suite A (next to Copy Pilot for all you locals). My hours are Tuesday 9-3, Wed-Fri 9-5, and Saturday 11-4. We can also meet by appointment on Mondays if needed.

Do you ship?

I ship everywhere in the world. Paper prints are shipped in tubes and canvas gallery wraps are boxed. I use recycled packaging when I can. Large prints require crates. which are $65. I am also happy to coordinate the stretching of a canvas with a framing shop in your area to avoid excessive shipping fees.

Do you offer discount pricing for professionals? Or bulk pricing?

I get asked this one a lot. After testing several pricing schedules, to me what works best is to price my prints as low as I can for everyone, meaning professionals do not get special pricing. If you are ordering over a dozen prints at one time, please reach out and we can discuss bulk pricing.

When will my order be ready?

I try to keep my turnaround time as quick as possible. Generally 3 business days is needed to complete an order. It’s always helpful to add a note during checkout when time is an issue. If a print is needed same or next day, it can usually be done but please contact me via text or call to see how busy I am.

What is the difference in Satin and Matte Canvas?

Prints have a sheen, similar to paint on your walls. Gloss being shiny, and matte being flat. I sell Satin (which is in between, similar to eggshell paint, or luster photo paper) and now Matte. The Satin canvas has more of a sheen, adding a bit of shine and additional protection. Matte really brings out the contrast of an image, the darks darker and the brights brighter. But it does tend to be slightly more susceptible to scuffs.